Nelson’s Auto Detail offers everything from express auto detailing services to full car detailing and buff/polish packages at the most affordable prices!

Express Detailing Specials

Package 1: Waxing, Washing, Vacuuming, Wiping Dash, Console, Door Jams, & Windows
Package 2: Shampooing Carpet/Floor Mats, Washing, Treating Wheels/Tires, Wiping Dash/Consoles, Cleaning Windows
Package 3: Shampooing Upholstery, Cleaning Wheels/Tires, Cleaning Door Jams, Dashes, & Consoles
Package 4: Cleaning Plastic/Vinyl/Leather & Cleaning Windows & Door Jams
The price depends on your vehicle’s size: two- and four-door sedans start at $49.95 and trucks, SUVs, and vans start at $85.00.

Buff & Polish Packages

Both of our buff-and-polish packages include buffing paint, polishing, waxing, and washing the exterior; this includes windows, tires, and rims. The price for this service starts at $350.00.

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full auto detailing
interior car detailing

Full Detail Packages

Our full detail packages all include washing engines, washing and waxing exteriors, cleaning wheels and tires, cleaning exterior trim, shampooing floor mats, and cleaning plastic, vinyl, and leather with conditioner. All of our work makes your car look nice and new while increasing its value. Bring your vehicle to us to get more money for your car! The price for this service starts at $165.

Eliminate Odors from Your Vehicle

Our ozone machine, also known as the “de-ionizer”, kills all odors and bacteria in your car! From cigarette to pet odors, our $50 machine eliminates all smells from your vehicle. We gladly offer free service if the odor is not completely removed after one application, so visit us today to have us run it through your AC system.

Other Specialties

Ceramic Coating

Protect your ride from future scratches and weather damage. Ceramic Pro® is 3X stronger than other clear coatings.

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Paint Correction

Unsightly swirls and scratches can ruin the look of your paint job. Bring your ride into Nelson’s and we’ll make it look like new again.

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Bike Detailing

Our superior detailing services are for all vehicles including your motorcycle. Bring your ride by Nelson’s to get the full package!

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Have anything else in mind? No worries… we’ll take care of it for you!
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